This site is launched to share spiritual practice materials to support Vajrayogini practitioners. We are also working on Mangalam Asian Art Preservation project for 45 Root and Lineage Gurus of Naropa Vajrayogini thangkas and 62 Deities of Shri Chakrasamvara Body Mandala. The preservation of these arts is very important because there are many profound Vajrayogini and Shri Chakrasamvara teachings, meditation, and yoga practices associated with each of these thangkas.


Mangalamkosha Publications is pleased to announce that Lama Migmar’s new books, “Common and Uncommon Vajrayogini Sadhanas” and "Guiding the Dead Toward Enlightenment Through Vajrayogini", are available for purchase on Amazon.


The “Common and Uncommon Vajrayogini Sadhanas” provides a complete set of texts and instructions for the practice of the female Buddha, Vajrayogini compiled by Lama Migmar from traditional sources. It includes the Prayer to the Gurus of the Lineage, Common Vajrayogini Sadhana, Uncommon Vajrayogini Sadhana, various Torma Offerings, and Ganapuja. These practices for accumulating merit and wisdom will guide us to realize Vajrayogini’s awakened wisdom and compassion for ourselves. It is our hope that the following pages offer a window into the awakened state and inspire you in your own practice. May all sentient beings everywhere experience peace. Important requirement: It is very important to receive the empowerment, transmission, and instruction from a Master who holds the Vajrayogini Naropa lineage to do these practices.


The "Guiding the Dead Toward Enlightenment Through Vajrayogini" provides a complete text for the practice of Guiding the Dead through Vajrayogini. Important requirement: It is very important to receive the Vajrayogini empowerment, transmission, and instruction from a qualified Master in order to be authorized to do the self-initiation practice so that you can do the Changchog ritual of guiding the dead toward the enlightenment.


to Advance Human Potential for Awakening

Mahasiddha Virupa

Mahasiddha Gorakshanath

Mahasiddha Nagarjuna

Mahasiddha Aryadeva

Mahasiddha Saraha

Mahasiddha Vinapa

Mahasiddha Khatagapa

We at Mangalam are working on Asian Art Preservation Project for 108 Mahasiddhas and Vajrayogini Naropa Lineage, and would like to ask you for your support. We need to raise fund for painting and brocading 84 Indian Mahasiddhas, 24 Togden Tibetan Mahasiddhas, Vajrayogini Naropa Lineage, and Shri Chakrasamvara Body Mandala Art Preservation Projects. We have completed 84 Indian Mahasiddha thangkas, and still need funding for 24 Togden Tibetan Mahasiddha thangkas, 45 Root and Lineage Gurus of Naropa Vajrayogini thangkas, and 62 Deities of Shri Chakrasamvara Body Mandala. These 108 Mahasiddhas and 45 Gurus are the source of the Vajrayana Buddhist teachings, meditations, and yantra yogas, including vayu, nadi, bliss, and mahamudra practices.

We will then use these paintings for various activities:

  • Spiritual art exhibition where we will show the paintings of the 108 Mahasiddhas and 45 Gurus, share their inspiring life stories, teachings, and meditation practices.
  • Creating spiritual videos and podcasts about the 108 Mahasiddhas and 45 Gurus that we will share for free on our websites (Mangalam Studio108 Mahasiddha, and Vajrayogini).
  • Publishing books presenting the teachings and meditation practices taught by these 108 Mahasiddhas and 45 Gurus compiled from original sources. These books will also present color prints of the 108 Mahasiddhas and 45 Gurus. This project will also require translation of original sources from Tibetan and Sanskrit to English.
  • Teachings and meditation practices at Buddhist centers.

One example of our previous Asian Art Preservation Project is 21 Tārā Art Preservation Project. Here, we commissioned painting and brocading thangkas of 22 female Buddhas, Green Tārā and 21 Tārā. These paintings were used for spiritual art exhibition at Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies in Cambridge; publishing “Āryā Tārā Practice Manual”, which provides a complete set of texts and instructions for the practice of Tārā compiled from traditional sources, 22 color Tārā thangka pictures, and various Tārā paintings for visualization meditation aid (Mangalamkosha); sharing Tārā praises, mantras, and videos for free on our website (21 Tara); as well as studying, contemplating, and practicing Tārā meditation at various Tārā groups throughout the United States (Tara Groups).

We will not be able to complete this project without your support, and you can make a big impact by making a gift today. To date, our Asian Art Preservation Project has been shared in more than 130 countries in all four continents. If this project is valuable for you, please help us by making a donation using the following button. The donation can be made by credit card or PayPal.


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Gyalwa gyatsoe rig dag Dorje choe

Gyalway yum chog Dorje Naljorma

Gyalse thuwo Naro tapay shab

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Vajradharma, the master of the family of oceans of victors,

to Vajrayogini the supreme mother of the victors

and to powerful Naropa, the son of the victors:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Sang chen lobshe zinpay Phamtingpa

Sang zo kun gyi ter gyur Sherab Tseg

Sang ngag gyatso nga dag Mal Lo shab

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of the Pamthingpas, holder of the disciple’s explanation of the great secret,

to Sherab Tsek, the treasurer of all treasuries of secrets,

and to Mal Lotsawa, master of the ocean of secret mantra:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Dorje chang wang lachen Sakyapa

Dorje se chog Jetsun Sonam Tse

Dorje zinpay tsug gyen Dragpay shab

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Great Guru Sakyapa, powerful Vajradhara,

Jetsun Sonam Tsemo, the supreme vajra son

and Drakpa Gyaltsen, crown ornament of vajra holders:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Sakya panchen gangchen khayay je

Sa sum kye gu tsug gyen Phagpay chog

Sakyay tenzin Shangton Chojey shab

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of the great pandita of the Sakyapas, lord of Himalayan scholars,

to supreme Phagpa, the crown ornament of all beings in heaven, earth and below

and Shangton Choje, holder of the Sakya doctrine:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Drubpay wangpo Naza Dragphugpa

Drubchog khepay Depon chokyije

Drub rig nyengyu ngadag Yarlungpa

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Naza Dragpugpa, the lord of siddhas,

to Lama Dampa, the Lord of Dharma, the captain of scholarly supreme siddhas

and to Yarlungpa, master of the aural lineage of the family of siddhas:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Dagshen droway kyabgon Gyalwa Chog

Dagnyi chenpo Jamyang Namkhay tsen

Dag chen choje Lodoe Gyaltsen shab

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Gyalwa Chog, protector of myself and others,

to one named Jamyang Namkhai, the great being

and to the great lord, the lord of Dharma, Lodo Gyaltsen.

I offer a supplication, grant me the connate wisdom.







Kadrin nyam me Jetsun Doringpa

Kashin druppay Tenzin Losel wang

Kagyu sang chen mawa Khyentsay shab

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Jetsun Doringpa, with unparalleled kindness,

to powerful Losal, the holder of the teachings who accomplished what has been ordered,

and to Khyentse Wangchuk, the teacher of the great secret lineage of instruction:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Rig ngag changwa Labsum Gyaltsen dang

Rig gyay khyabdag Wangchug Rabten pal

Rig dol thar chin Jetsun Kangyurwa

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Labsum Gyaltsen, the vidyamantradhara;

to Wangchuk Rabten, sovereign of a hundred families,

and to Jetsun Kangyurwa, who reached ultimate knowledge and liberation:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Kyilkhor gyatso khyabdag Shaluwa

Kyilkhor kun gyi tsowo Khyenrab je

Kyilkhor khorloe dagpo nam nyi la

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Shaluwa, sovereign of an oceans of mandalas,

to Lord Khyenrab, chief of all mandalas

and to the two lords of the wheel of mandalas:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Nyengyu dampay ter dzo Morchen je

Nyengyu ngadag Kunga Leg jung shab

Nyengyu pal khe Kunga Lodro la

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Lord Morchen, the treasury of the instructions of the aural lineage

Kunga Lekjung, the master of the aural lineage,

and Kunga Lodoe, the scholar who spread the aural lineage:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Sa sum kyegu nyen chig Thartse je

Sa ten nyinmor jepay Namkha Leg

Sa chu wangchuk Tenpay Nyima la

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Lord Thartse, sole friend of all beings in heaven, earth and below,

to Namka Lek, the one who illuminates the teachings of the Sakya,

and to Tenpei Nyima, lord of the tenth stage:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Druppay sar shug Ngawang Rinchen dang

Druppa chog nye Kunga Tenzin shab

Drup nyi palter Jampal Zangpo la

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Ngawang Rinchen, who resides on the stage of accomplishment,

to Kunga Tenzin, the one who attained supreme siddhi,

and to Jampal Zangpo, the glorious treasure of the two kinds of siddhi:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Jampal yang ngo Khyentse Wangpoe dang

Jampal druppa Lo ter Wangpoe shab

Jamyang namtrul Choekyi Nyima la

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the feet of Khyentse Wangpo, Maṇjushri in person,

to Loter Wangpo, the one who accomplished Manjushri,

and to Choekyi Nyima, the emanation of Manjushri;

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Namdag gyudey men ngag la wang shing

Nam mang duljay lodoe gyezepa

Namden choggyur Shenphen Nyingpo la

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To Shenphen Nyingpo, the one with authority over the intimate instructions of the pure tantras,

the one who increases the intelligence of disciples in many ways,

the one who is the supreme leader of all,

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Rig dang kyilkhor gyatsoe khyabdag chog

Denpay si shi dungwa sel dzepa

Kadrin nyammey tsaway lama la

Solwa debso lhenkye yeshe tsol


To the root guru of unparalleled kindness

sovereign of oceans of families and mandalas,

who removes the torment of existence and peace through being recalled:

I offer a supplication, please grant me the connate wisdom.







Thaljor du chen mitag denpa yi

Baden karpoe kyopay le de kyi

Langdor thunpay lung gi rabkul ne

Jigrung khorway tso le dolwar shog


May I be freed from the terrifying ocean of samsara

in the great ship of freedom and endowments,

moved by the white sail of recalling impermanence,

driven by the favorable wind of adopting and abandoning karma and its results.







Lume kyabne tsug gi norbur ten

Magyur droway don chen nying la shug

Dorsem dutsi nyepay drima tru

Jetsun Lamay thugje kyongwar shog


Relying upon the crown jewel of the nondeceptive places of refuge,

the great benefit of migrating mother beings present in my heart,

the taint of faults washed by the amrita of Vajrasattva,

may be I be nurtured by the compassion of the Jetsun Guru.







Yi ong gyalyum chi yi Naljorma

Vam yig nang gi Dorje Tsunmo chog

Semnyi tong sal sangway Khacho yum

Rang shal thongway tse ge rolpar shog


The beautiful mother of the victors is the outer Yogini,

the syllable Vam is the inner supreme Vajra Queen,

clear and emptiness mind essence is the secret Khechari,

may I enjoy the delightful revelry of seeing my own face.







Noe kyi jigten E yig shalme khang

Chukyi semchen Vam yig Naljorma

Zungjug dewa chenpoe tingzin gyi

Chir nang dagpay nangwar charwar shog


The universe is the syllable E, the celestial mansion,

sentient beings are Vam, Yogini -

may whatever appears arise as pure vision

with the samadhi of the great bliss of union.







Detar chog dang daway naljor gyi

Namshig thu na gama chirue dhog

Liti tadol marser mig yoway

Ngonsum rigzin dongdu tipar shog


As such, through the eleven yogas

when the time has come, may a coral colored maiden

with vermillion hair and flirtatious orange eyes

lead one in person to the city of vidyadharas.







Sindhur langka liyi dhongbur che

Roden nesu drub ching yul kuntu

Nyulway gang gi zo pur khyil richen

Phopay zemay Khacho tipar shog


May whoever practices the rite of sindhura and the langkali tree

in a charnel ground, roaming through all lands,

meet a beauty to whom the swirl

on their forehead transfers and be lead to Khechari.







Nang gi phagmo zung dzin ti shing chom

Chog gi dhuti shugpay garkhenma

Tsangpay go ne tin lam ying su thon

Tag thung pawor khyu ching rol par shog


The inner Varahi who destroys the creeper of subject and object,

is the dancer who enters the supreme avadhuti;

ejected from the aperture of crown into the expanse of the sky,

may she play in the embrace of heroic Heruka.







Teway pemor lung ngay tilaka

Tse chig gompay khajor naljor gyi

Lu sem tsa la di shon shugpa yi

Dewa chog gi dag gyu tsimpar shog


In the lotus of the navel is a tilaka of five vayus,

through practicing one-pointedly on the yoga of uniting the vayus,

the vayu is gathered into the channels of the body and mind:

may my mind be satisfied with supreme bliss.







Thamal oe kyi tummo zedenma

Dhutir zum kar zhepay roltse kyi

Ham yig shonnu yongsu nyeje ne

Zungjug dewa chenpoe sa thob shog


The beautiful ordinary and light chaṇḍali girl with a playful smiling face, in the avadhuti,

having pleased the youth, the syllable Ham,

may I attain the stage of the great bliss of union.







Kye gag ne sum dalwa dhomay shi

Tong sal jo du mepa nyugmay ngang

Zungjug lode rangsem naljorma

Rang ngoshe ne tagtu kyongwar shog


The original nature is free from arising, ceasing and abiding,

the innate state is inexpressible emptiness and clarity,

Yogini, my mind, is union beyond thought:

having recognized my own face may it always be sustained.







Tsa lung tigle E wam ying su thim

Sem nyi dechen chokyu pal thob ne

Dang ye zugkue namrol pagme kyi

Namkha thale do dhi kyongwar shog


After the channels, vayu and bindu dissolve into the dhatu of Evam,

the glory of the the dharmakaya of great bliss, the mind essence, is obtained,

may these migrating beings in limitless space be nurtured

with infinite transformations of countless rupakayas.



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